About Dr. V.K.Mishra

Dr. V.K.Mishra, M.B.B.S., M.S.(Surgery), M.Ch.(Urology), F.I.M.S.A., F.I.C.H.

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Thousands of patients treated
  • Developed many new Urological Techniques
  • Over 20 scientific papers on Urology published.
  • First medical practitioner to establish a dedicated stone clinic in U.P. .
  • Numerous awards & recognitions in the field.

About Dr. V.K.Mishra

Dr. V.K.Mishra did his Urology residency for almost 5 years both at Christian Medical College, Vellore & S.G.P.G.I.M.S., Lucknow, India. Where he gained experience in all the aspects of adult & pediatric Urology like Neurology, Urodynamics, Sexual dysfunction, Female Urology, Endourology etc;. He has been actively involved in the management of patient of renal transplant & has created many vascular accesses in patients of end stage renal disease. He has performed almost all the diagnostic procedures in uro-radiology. He has independently performed most of the surgical procedures including radical nephrectomy, radical cystectomy, continent urinary diversions, augmentation cystoplasty, VVF and hypospadias repairs etc;. He has personally treated over 1600 patients of calculus disease by ESWL (Siemens lithostar plus & later with Econolith 2000). In addition, He has performed over a couple of thousand of percutaneous nephrostomies, nephrolithotomies and ureterorenoscopies internal urethrotomies, TURP & TURBT independently. He has performed over 150 video-urodynamics & related studies on uro-video system(Dantec-5500 & Status Uromed system). For the past one and half decades, he has been organizing several Free Urological camps including annual TURP camps for the benefit of poor & needy patients of Kanpur. He has been performing all the above procedures as the director & Chief Urologist at Kanpur Urology Centre, a comprehensive Urological care center, catering to the population of over 80 lacs in the city of Kanpur.

Career Details

  • B.R.D. Medical College, Gorakhpur:
    Intern, House Surgeon, Resident Surgical Officer, Demonstrator(Gen.Surgery)

  • Christian Medical College, Vellore:

  • Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences,Lucknow:
    Senior Resident(Urology)

  • Current Affiliations:
    Director & Consultant Urologist, Kanpur Urology Centre from 1993 till date .
    Consultant Urologist- Mohammadia Hospital, a Charitable multi- disciplinary Hospital.

  • Honorary Consultant Urologist:
    Excel Hospital, Madhuraj Nursing Home, Regency Hospital, Bhargava Hospital & several other Hospitals.

  • • 2nd Position in the Annual Seminars Competition organized by Physiology Society 1979-80.
    • 1st Position in the Ist professional Examinations of M.B.B.S.
    • 2nd in the IInd Professional Examinations of M.B.B.S.
    • 3rd Position in the IIIrd Professional Examinations.
    • National Merit Scholarship throughout the academic career from High School to M.B.B.S.
    • Highest Marks & Distinctions in Physiology & Forensic medicine during M.B.B.S. examination.

  • 1. Association of Surgeons of India. (FL6184)
    2. Urological Society of India. (M046)
    3. U.P. Chapter of Associations of Surgeons of India.
    4. North Zone Chapter of U.S.I.(M046)
    5. Lucknow Renal Science Society.
    6. International Medical Science Academy.
    7. Indian Society of Organ Transplantation
    8. Indian Endoscopic Society
    9. Indian Society of Blood Transfusion & Immunohematology.
    10. Indian Red Cross Society.
    11. Indian Medical Association (FL117)
    12. American Urology Association International member since 1995 (N0.324528)
    13. Society de Urologie in 2003.
    14. Endourological Society in 2003.
    15. Founder president of Kanpur Urology Nephrology Association (2003)
    16. Section Incharge UP Chapter ‘Society of Endoscopic & Laparoscopic Surgeon of India’. in 2008.

  • • Cultural Secretary of the Junior Doctors & Student Association during 1981-82, 82-83 & 84-85.
    • Member of the Editorial board of Horizon Magazine & sub editor of Raghvans-Link magazine.
    • Participated in RYLA’82 camp organized by the Rotary International.
    • Editorial assistant in the Indian Journal of Urology 1991-92.

  • 1. Prospective trial on of PCUL for Upper ureteric stones comparing spinal anesthesia with General anesthesia.
    2. Female urethral stenosis- role of CSIC- a prospective study.

  • 1. Suprapubic epidural catheter insertion for pressure flow studies (Br.. J. Urol 69:329-330.1990).
    2. Management of type II thrombus in the inferior vena cava in case of renal cell carcinoma(Ind. J. Urol 8;108-110, 1992)
    3. Positioning of patients with lower ureteric calculi for treatment with ESWL using Siemens litho star (Br. J. Urol 70:456-7,1992).
    4. Up migrated ureteral stents : A novel technique for transurethral retrieval under local anesthesia Arch Esp de Urol 47:547,1994.

  • 1. First inaugural conference of Indian Society of Clinical Oncology at New Delhi in Feb. 1984.
    2. 46th Annual conference of Association of Surgeons of India at Agra in Dec. 1986
    3. International symposium on breast cancer at New Delhi in Jan. 1987
    4. 22nd Annual conference of Urological Society of India at Patna in Oct. 1988.
    5. 47th Annual conference of Association of Surgeons of India at Madras in Jan. 1988.
    6. East Zone Continuing Urological education program of Urological Society of India at Allahabad.
    7. 24TH Annual conference of the Urological Society of India at Calicut in Sep. 1990.
    8. Global plenum on organ transplantation at Lucknow in Dec. 1990
    9. 11th annual conference , U.P. Chapter of ASI and Annual conference of International College of Surgeons (Indian Section, North Zone ) at Kanpur in Nov. 1991
    10. National Hematology update at Kanpur in Feb. 1992.
    11. First Lithostar users meet on ESWL at Lucknow in July 1992.
    12. 10th World Congress meet on Endourology & ESWL, 8th Annual research symposium on ESWL at Singapore in Sep. 1992
    13. IInd Annual conference of North Zone Chapter of Urological Society of India at Lucknow in Sep. 1992
    14. 26th Annual Conference of Urological Society of India in Dec 1992 at Pune
    15. National Andrology Workshop in March 1995 at Bombay.
    16. 41st Annual conference of International College of Surgeon (Indian Section) at Delhi in Oct. 1995.
    17. 29th Annual conference of Urological Society of India at Banglore in Jan 1996.
    18. Refresher Course 1996 of IMACGP in Sept. 1996 at Kanpur.
    19. 30th Annual conference of Urological Society of India at Bombay in Jan 1997.
    20. 7th Annual conference of North Zone chapter of Urological Society of India at Varansi in Nov. 1997 .
    21. Hypospadias Workshop in Nov. 1998 at Agra.
    22. 9th Annual conference & CME of North Zone chapter of USI at Agra in Oct. 1999.
    23. International CME in Urology at SGPGIMS, Lucknow in Dec. 1999.
    24. Refresher course of IMACGP in Oct. 2000 at Kanpur.
    25. 34th Annual conference of Urological Society of India in Jan. 2001 at Nagpur.
    26. 11th Annual conference of North zone chapter of Urological Society of India at Udaipur in Oct. 2001.
    27. Participated in operative workshop on Reconstructive Urology & Laser applications in Urology at Nagpur in Jan. 2001.
    28. Refresher course 2001 of IMACGP in Oct. 2001 at Kanpur.
    29. 35th Annual conference of Urological Society of India at Jaipur in Feb. 2002 .
    30. 13th Annual conference of Indian Society of Organ Transplantation at Lucknow in Sept. 2002
    31. 12th Annual conference of North zone chapter of Urological Society of India at Lucknow in Oct. 2002.
    32. Programme Director of State level refresher course in Urology at the IMA, Kanpur State level refresher course in Nov. 2003.
    33. 1st World summit on Kidney Surgery at Nadiad in Feb 2003.
    34. 101st conference of AUA at Chicago in April-May 2003.
    35. Visiting Fellow at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA in the Department of Urology under Prof. Martin Resnick in May 2003.
    36. Visiting fellow at Methodist Hospital, Indianpolis USA with Prof. Lingemann .
    37. Workshop on Basic Techniques in Laparoscopic Urology in Nov. 2003.
    38. Training in Laparoscopy at K.J. Hospital Coimbatore, in Jan. 2004.
    39. 22ndWorld congress of Endourology and research symposium on ESWL at Mumbai in 2004.
    40. 15th Annual Conference of NZUSI, at Srinagar in Sept. 2005 as Chairperson in free paper session on Laparoscopy & Moderator for progress session.
    41. 39th Annual Conference of USI at Varansi in Feb. 2006.
    42. Cancer Prostate Workshop 2006 at Ahmedabad in March 2006.
    43. RECON-UROL 2006 live International workshop on reconstructive Urology at Mumbai in Sept. 2006.
    44. Workshop & Symposium on Female Urinary incontinence & pelvic floor reconstruction at Kanpur in Nov. 2006 as a Faculty member.
    45. 40th Annual meet of USI at Patna in Feb. 2007.
    46. 105th conference of AUA at Anaheim, California, in May 2007.
    47. XIV Conferencia en Espanol Precede El Congreso De La AUA in May 2007 at Anaheim, California.
    48. XXVI Refresher course of IMACGP, Kanpur as Program Director of Urology in 2007.
    49. 17th Annual conference of NZUSI at Lucknow in Nov. 2007as chairperson of Progress Session.
    50. CME & Workshop in Advances in Minimally Invasive Urology & Laser Surgery at New Delhi in Dec. 2007.
    51. Kanpur Endosurgery Workshop as a Faculty member of Laparoscopic Urology in March 2008.
    51. 9th Asian Congress of Urology in Oct. 2008 as delegate held at Mumbai.
    52.18th Annual conference of North Zone USI in Allahabad as the chairperson of Progress session in Nov. 2008.
    53. XXVII National level Refresher Course of IMACGP as faculty and Program Director in Jan. 2009 in Kanpur.
    54. USICON 2009 at Indore in Jan.2009.
    55. NZUSICON in Amritsar in Oct. 2009.
    56. Participated in Advanced Laparoscopy workshop in Nov. 2009 in Ahmedabad
    57.USICON 2010 in Agra in Feb. 2010.
    58. UROSURGE 2010 mid term CME & Workshop at Jhansi as Faculty member in March 2010.
    59. 28th national level Annual Refresher course of IMACGP in Kanpur as faculty and Program Director in March 2010.
    60. 20th Annual conference of NZUSI in Nov. 2010 as delegate in Gurgaon.
    61. Faculty in ENDOCON 2011 IN April 2011 in Mumbai.
    62. Participated in the 4th Regional Congress LAPAROCON in Feb. 2012 in Chitrakoot.
    63. XXX National Level Refresher course of IMACGP in March 2012 as Faculty and Program Director in Kanpur.

  • 1. Prostatitis at Homeopathic Medical Association of India Kanpur in 1997
    2. Management option in Urolithiasis at IMA Kanpur in 1998
    3. Current Concepts in the Management of BPH at Banda in 2001
    4. Hematuria, diagnosis & management at IMA Kanpur in 2001
    5. Newer modalities of treatment in Carcinoma prostate at Lucknow in March 2005.
    6. Current concepts in the management of Urolithiasis at Surgeon’s club in 2006
    7. Laparoscopic urology- a new era of management at KUNA in 2007
    8. LUTS in eldery- public lecture at Pensioner’s Forum in 2008.
    9. Myths & facts about BPH- delivered as Public Lecture in 2008.
    10. Endopyeolotomy- revisited at Surgeon’s Forum in 2008.
    11. What is New in Urology a public Lecture in IMA in 2009.
    12. Lasers in Urology , Lecture delivered in Surgeons Club of Kanpur in2010.
    13. Vesicoureteric reflux - changing concepts in the managemnt in KUNA in 2011.
    14. Management of Kidney Stones in the Doctor's Association meet in April 2012.

  • 1. Diagnostic & prognostic significance of some newer investigations like serum Fucose, immunoglobulins & trans sternal phlebography in breast cancer at the ASSIO award session n 46th Annual conference of ASI held at Agra in Dec. 1986.
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    8. Renal angiomyolipoma at the 22nd Annual conference of USI held at Patna in Oct. 1988
    9. Functional bladder neck obstruction –diagnosis & management at the 24th annual conference o USI held at Calicut in Sept. 1990
    10. Multimodality approach for the management of ureteric calculi at the U.P. chapter of ASI held at Kanpur in 1991
    11. Antegrade ureterolitholopaxy for impacted upper ureteral calculi: a plea for primary invasion at the 10th World congress of Endourology & ESWL at Singapore in Sept. 1992.
    12. Bilateral simultaneous percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCN): a safe low budget concept at the 10th World congress on of Endourology & ESWL at Singapore in Sept. 1992.
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    17. Management of Upper Ureteric Stone- Which is better ESWL or PCUL ? at 105th AUA meet in Anaheim in May 2007.

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